Practice Update.: Dr Judy Griffin is no longer with our practice. We will continue caring for Dr. Griffin's patients while we recruit a new physician to join us.

While our office is continuing to care for patients with a scheduled routine appointment, we are switching to telemedicine visits for people who do not need a physical examination. We will be notifying you if we are switching your appointment to telemedicine and will give you further instructions on how to get set up.

For people who have acute illnesses, we will be doing a telemedicine visit with you to decide whether or not you need to go for COVID-19 testing and/or whether you need an office visit. If you need a test, we will direct you to the Tompkins County testing center. At the testing center, the specimens will be collected while you remain in your car. After you are tested for COVID-19, you will need to self-quarantine until your results come back as negative. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

We know this is a time of stress for many people. Click here for a link to a free mindfulness session, taught live online every Wednesday by local therapist Anna Salamone.



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